Your event
in the atmosphere of Italy
We know how important it is to hold a big event in a beautiful, delicious, and most importantly, fun way! So, we take care of all the organisation of the event. You only have to choose the reservation date and the menu and come to the event in high spirits.
Why US?
No rental fees
We have ready-made banquet offers starting from 2,500 per person
We have an excellent wine list with wine for every guest
The Romeo's team will assist in organising the event, decorating the hall, and selecting the music!
An unforgettable evening awaits you in the atmosphere of Italy, where you can relax and unwind
Our team has put together banquet offers for you that will help you choose the perfect dishes for your event and save you time.
Banquet MENU
We will create a menu for your event and preserve the quality of the food and service outside the restaurant. The cost of catering is determined individually depending on the capacity of the chosen site and the wishes of the guests.
Italian confectioners will make your dream come true by making the perfect cake according to your design and taste preferences. You can choose from a variety of options, fillings, decorations, and shapes. The cake will become the star of any event, drawing the attention of all guests. You can be sure that the cake will be made with exceptional care and love to make the event unforgettable
For event organisation and more information, please contact our manager
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